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News & Updates by Date: September 2018

Opinion • Native Plant Restoration: A Bridge to a Sustainable Future in the Trans-Pecos?

Restoration of native plants and habitat in tandem with energy sprawl could be a bridge to a better future for residents, communities, and the general landscape of the greater Big Bend region of the Trans-Pecos area of West Texas. As has been pointed out in previous posts, this area of West Texas...

News • Roads, Not Pipelines, May Be Biggest Threat to Growth in Oil Hotspot

For an oilman who’s worked on the Gulf Coast, near the Russian Arctic and in Royal Dutch Shell Plc’s headquarters in The Hague, being stuck in traffic on a dusty West Texas highway is not the stuff of dreams. The GMC Yukon rented by Amir Gerges, general manager of Shell’s...

Opinion • Modernized Oilfield Lighting Protects Night Skies, Benefits the Industry

Since 1932, McDonald Observatory has enjoyed nighttime skies as dark as any major astronomical observatory in the world.  Its remote location, in the heart of the Davis Mountains of West Texas, seemed to ensure this for decades to come.  With the boom in oil and gas related activities in...

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